Vinyl Craft has always been committed to providing our valued clients with the highest quality and most durable vinyl fence and gate materials available on the market. Whether you’re a contractor or landscaper in need of premium vinyl fencing for a client’s house, or a homeowners association seeking attractive, low-maintenance fence options for your property, our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to assist.

Recognizing that vinyl fencing is not just a purchase but an investment, we only sell reliable products from trusted, industry-leading manufacturers. That is why we’re quite pleased to offer the best SimTek Composite Fence near Riverdale, California. SimTek’s gorgeous selections are perfect for those looking for more upscale, high-end vinyl fencing that is sure to impress all who see it.

A long stretch of dark Ecostone molded plastic fencing by grass and bushes, some of our SimTek composite fences near Riverdale, California.

Molded Plastic Fencing Near Me

Visually stunning and infused with rustic charm from top to bottom, SimTek fencing provides the kind of enhanced sturdiness and lasting performance that homeowners and property management demand. With this outstanding Riverdale molded fencing, you can help create a wonderful outdoor living environment that is blissfully quiet and safe from prying eyes. SimTek is a highly compelling and truly cutting-edge alternative to conventional wood fences or masonry, and one that we believe is well worth investing in.

SimTek is meant to last, and offers quality superior to many of the other options you’ll find for sale. The composite fencing near Riverdale is immensely strong, crafted with a unique blend of polyethylene plastic that is then supported by galvanized steel. Thoughtfully designed, SimTek fences offer security and privacy while still maintaining a very pleasing appearance. Your customers and homeowners association will also have peace of mind knowing that SimTek molded fencing is built to withstand high winds, and has outstanding resistance to sound with the panels blocking ninety-eight percent of direct noise.

Riverdale SimTek Composite Fence Panels for Sale

Texture and color are two vitally important aspects of vinyl fencing, and SimTek aims to set the bar for both. Their unmatched manufacturing process leads to colors with the kind of vibrancy that is almost unimaginable. With these Riverdale SimTek composite plastic fences, you also get exceptional finishes carefully molded from actual stone and wood. This produces a look and feel that perfectly captures the essence of the real thing. Customers are also sure to greatly appreciate the fact that SimTek fences are almost completely maintenance-free, and don’t need painting or staining like many other types of fences do. There are currently two kinds of SimTek molded fences: Ecostone® and Sherwood™. The former is ideal for those seeking a masonry look, while the latter is akin to wood. Please speak with a friendly Vinyl Craft associate to discuss your particular requirements and the specific choices we have available.

When you choose Vinyl Craft for your fencing needs, you get not only top-tier products at reasonable prices, but superb customer service as well. Our team has extensive industry experience, and is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of vinyl fences and gates. We are always ready and able to help determine the ideal options for your particular application, and can answer any questions you may have. We’re also known for dependable delivery service with our fleet of trucks, and an overall experience that is straightforward and hassle-free from beginning to end. Your complete satisfaction remains our top priority.

A stretch of brown Sherwood SimTek composite fence panels to the left of a home garage, an example of our Riverdale molded plastic fencing.

Order Premium SimTek Molded Fences near Riverdale, California from Vinyl Craft

Where high-end vinyl fencing is concerned, there are scant few options that can match what SimTek offers. These fences offer fantastic visual appeal, are consistently reliable, and need only simple care to keep them looking their best over time. Vinyl Craft is proud to sell SimTek Composite Fences for Riverdale customers, and would be happy to assist you as well. Please note that we specialize in bulk sales/large orders, and do not offer any installation services. To schedule your complimentary, no-obligation estimate, please reach out online or give us a call at (805) 793-0208.